Commercial Clients

I’m happy to work with interior designers and business clients to curate customized compositions for offices, retail interiors and hospitality spaces. We will work together to generate compositions based on your specific preferences for sizing, grouping and colour palettes.

At this time, I can only provide large-scale printing and framing services to local clients based around Montreal. For other locations, the compositions will be provided to you in a digital format and you will need to work with your local vendors to have them printed and framed.


Residential Clients

I can work with residential clients locally and remotely to generate a print or a print set customized to your space. If you don’t like choosing art for your walls, let me help you to create a piece that’s just right!


DIY - Mobile App

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can generate and purchase your own print via my mobile app Geometrika. The app offers a selection of styles, color palettes and print sizes. Once you generate a composition that you like, you can purchase it straight from the app and have a real print shipped to your door!